Awakening Consciousness #3 Activating Divinity

Beloved, do not despair. Let go of discouragement and disappointment. Breathe in the cooling light of healing. Invite Archangel Raphael’s loving hands to fill you with healing light. Breathe this emerald green light into every aspect and cell of your body and being. Imagine the beautiful,...

Imagine the beautiful, loving caress of this light releasing pain, suffering, and illness. See the cells of your body rejuvenate instantly to health, peace, and joy.

With each breath, feel nurtured by joy.

With the next breathe, comes Bliss! Savor bliss in every cell, relaxing, bringing pleasures of Spirit tingling through your energy field and cells.

Sweetness melts away any remaining disconnection Breathe sweetness through your energy field.

Bliss and sweetness in your emotional body, permeate your physical body with peace, joy, bliss, sweetness. These are the pleasures of Spirit and many more.

You are connected in Oneness.

Luxuriate in this feeling. Rest the body and mind in this state of Eternal Peace. Float in the Bliss of Eternal Union. You are Home. Everything around you, every sensation is love. You are infused with Love, surrounded by love, its all love. Divine love, universal love. Explore the many pleasures of this love.

Can you sense them? Do you see the Light Beings who are gathering around you? Beautiful Beings of Pure Love surround you in Welcome, holding you in Oneness. In joy. You ARE Home. Comfort flows in from these Beings as they welcome you Home.

This is how Heaven is touching earth, through you. Heaven – your Eternal Self in your body, walking the earth. This is the Awakening of Consciousness. It is happening NOW. Now in earth time, and now in Eternity. Now. Millions of Earth Angels are awakening to the Truth.

This is a time of Activating Divinity. The light is upon you! Victory is assured.

Broadcast this bliss and joy you are feeling out from your heart. Imagine your heart as a sun – greater than the sun in your sky. That is the truth of your Being. Imagine radiating the light of love outward to your family, neighbors, and community, to local government to bring greater compassion in the relief efforts.

Radiate this energy of love out to your state and federal or country leadership. Imagine their hearts touched by love to open and enact legislation that is fair and equitable to everyone! Imagine leaders stepping down peacefully whose service is complete. The old guard is done, the new visionaries of compassion and creativity filling their places.

Global peace. Equanimity.

Imagine, the earth comforted with an embrace of peace.


With love,

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