Awakening Consciousness #4 You are Loved, Loving, Lovable Forever

Kimberly with Mom long ago


I was in tears as I was guided through this experience of connecting with loved ones! That is me with my mom, long ago. She passed into Spirit last fall.

This message came from my own struggle this morning to open and receive. I love how real this guidance is! I was guided through it into a direction and energy I never could have imagined!

Take time as you read this message to imagine, see, feel, experience this journey. It is most precious. You deserve this love.



Relax your body and thoughts.

There is no need to seek an experience, or figure out a situation right now.

All this time to empty out. To breathe long, deep, gentle breaths. Exhale longer than you inhale. Compress your belly to expel the used air. Then breathe in the Love of the Universe.

Breathe in the Love of God or Spirit.

Breathe in the love of your Eternal Self for you – the local self.

Feel how loved you are as this Breath of Love fills your lungs, flows through your blood, and nourishes your body.

Notice your heart opening like a flower in the sun, to the radiance of Divine Love.

Your loving heart is kind and generous.

Imagine light rays of love radiating out from your heart to the people you love, and the creatures, too! The four-footed, feathered, hooved, scales, winged, and furred.

Imagine light rays of love coming to you from the ones you love!

Luxuriate in the feeling of how lovable you are!

And if it is the animals that give you the greatest experience of being loved and lovable, go full in!

Allow the companionship of dogs to satisfy you. See into the eyes of love. After all, dog spelled backwards is god.

Melt into the purrs of cats. The purr releases happy, relaxing hormones. If you don’t have a cat, hummmm! Humming releases the happy chemistry, too.

The more you can relax and rest, the more you open to deep, profound experiences of connection and oneness with Creator and Spirit.

That is why we ask you to Rest for at least 15 minutes twice a day.

The critters can help you nap! It is natural for them.

Little children are on this cycle of napping. Sleep with them if have one around.

This is an opportunity to rediscover the simple pleasures of being alive as a human.

Rest – sleep – find pleasure in relaxation.

Imagine you are on the ultimate vacation!

A rest vacation where there is nothing to do, and nowhere to go in the outer world.
This journey is in the inner world!

Let your daydreams connect you with departed loved ones!

See them! Be with them! Feel their loving embrace.

Look into their eyes to feel the love and connection that you miss the most.

Breathe. Give your heart this experience of connection.

Trust your imagination. Believe this is real and possible!
Let your heart speak the words that were held back and lodged in your throat and body. Share the feelings of loss and separation; allow them to leave in waves of grace.

Allow anger, rage, resentments, bitterness to melt like a cube of sugar in champagne, bubbling away into the effervescence and sweetness of Spirit.




Loneliness loses its grasp, taking its friend grief with it. Watch the two leave over the rainbow bridge transforming into joy and delight.

Despair! Hold despair between you in love. Like a crying child, comfort it. Take off it’s dirty gray coat. Wash this child’s face with love. Kiss away it’s pain. Witness as the radiant light of love illuminates it’s Being, releasing this energy from the captivity of despair to liberate joy!

Where are you now?

With your inner vision, look to see the beauty that surrounds you and your Beloved. It may be a garden, or light, or the Silver City! Whatever you are, feel or sense, believe it! Search for the pleasures within it.

Peace, joy, beauty, love, bliss, tenderness, sweetness, contentment, satisfaction, explore the pleasures of Spirit in this realm of Love.

Drink it in like the most precious nectar.

Invite this elixir of love to nourish every cell in your body, and illuminate your energy fields.

Witness your light body strengthen and expand!

Expanding, expanding, glowing brighter with love until you are radiant as the sun in your sky! For in truth, your Eternal Being has been a star like your sun, and even greater!

Absorb this goodness.

Throughout your day, REMEMBER this experience!

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe yourself into this place of Peace.

Open your eyes and BE the radiant presence of Peace, Love, Joy, or whatever quality of Spirit that is present in your heart.

Your heart is the Gateway to your Eternal Self and this Realm of Delight.

Love is the key that opens the gate.

You are IN!

This is the Power of Awakening Consciousness.

YOU are bringing heaven to earth with each connecting breath, thought, word, deed, and feeling.

You ARE an Earth Angel, awakening to serve the transition to Light.

It’s you!

The time is NOW.

You are loved, loving, lovable forever.

We love you more than can be imagined.

You are the treasure.

I'd love to hear about your experience. Spirit is inviting you to receive transmissions of love, awakening, healing, peace, and instruction. When you receive them, share generously! What if millions of us earth angels were sharing the abundant love of Spirit every day! What could change? Everything.

With Love,