Awakening Consciousness #5 Benediction of Trust

Beloved, do not despair. Let the burden of past disappointment fall away like chunks of concrete. Let the heaviness of responsibility become light as a feather. Many times, you have prayed. You have begged and cried asking for love and healing from God/Spirit. Many times, you have felt ignored...

Many times, you have felt ignored and abandoned. You were not able to witness the response that was given. Divine responses are often not what you asked for. If you gaze was riveted on the exact response you wanted, the true energy passed you by, unnoticed. For each prayer, a response was given.

What has happened with all that energy of love? It is not lost to you! This love has been collecting for the moment when you are ready and able to access it! That moment is NOW.

This reservoir of love is just as ready for you, as you are to receive it. Once again, it is not what you imagine.

To open the flow of love, simply say YES in your heart. Whisper yes out loud. Speak the word YES! Feel your heart open, and your energy body expand to receive.

Breathe in to feel the love of the universe fill your body and being. With each successive breath, feel more love, joy, health, wisdom, abundance, freedom fill each cell and light up your energy field.

Imagine this light connecting with Divine Source directly, for it is truly the Light of Divine Love. There is limitless supply of this Divine Love! Breathe it in, and when you feel full – as if that is enough – imagine your energy field expanding to become bigger and bigger like a balloon inflating. This balloon will never pop! It will never reach a limit or breaking point.

Connect with your Earth Star beneath your feet and the wealth of love within Mother Earth.

Connect with your Soul Star (scroll down to Activate your Soul Star) above your head, and Divine Plan that you are following. You Soul Star contains all of the synergy and resources, all of the wisdom and detail, all of the collaboration and connection with other souls that is needed to fulfill your purpose for incarnating into this life.

Your purpose is revealing itself now. You took this birth, you agreed to the beliefs, limitations, and pain you have suffered, to be the powerful master of transformation that you are. This is your moment to shine brilliantly! You are the light of the Great Central Sun revealing itself. You are bringing heaven to earth in this Great Awakening that is happening NOW! No more waiting.

You felt stuck because the moment of revelation had not yet arrived. You are trained and prepared. You are being activated to service now.

Here is the most brilliant part. You don’t need to understand or figure anything out! In fact, your task now is to rest. To turn within and focus in gentle, quiet ways, on your inner experience of connection with the Divine.

This is a time of restoring Trust. The way to restore Trust is not by trying to heal all of the past pain. Processing in the old way would take you another ten lifetimes!

This new benediction of Trust is simple! Breathe. Open to receive the bounteous love from that reservoir of energy that is waiting for you. As you connect, receive. Experience the peace, love, and joy of this Presence, the connection with your soul and your higher Self, your Christ Presence is rejuvenated. You have never truly been separate. It was an illusion. Allow waves of love to wash away the painful memory of separation. Allow the dances of joy to restore the direct experience of union. Allow a blanket of comfort to re-engage the benedictions of Holiness coded into the very cells of your body.

You ARE the holy child of the Father. The Father is here to restore your inheritance. Like the prodigal son, you have traveled far and wide. In this experience of separation, you left behind the wealth of love. You chose to feel forsaken and forgotten. A father can never forget a child. Not for a moment. The Father has watched over you, heard every prayer, felt the desires of your heart and soul to come home. The loving Father has prepared the way for you personally to return Home. Home to the experience of Eternal Peace and Divine Love. Home. Home to your Eternal Family. Home to wholeness.

When you feel yourself suffering, afraid, confused, Breathe. Breathe in the benediction of the Father calling you Home. Breathe in love, joy, peace. Recognize that you have never truly been separate!

Ask for assistance! What do you need? Then open to receive it. Be open to recognize this assistance in new ways, in new forms, always brilliant and up lifting. Always kind and good. Creative and amazing. That is you.

Spend as much time bathed in the experience of love as you can. Often during the day; pause. Remember to breathe in this love. Every time you feel frustrated, confused, fearful, sad, pause. Breathe in the love. Invite it to fill you. To inform you; to guide your next thoughts, words and actions. You are never alone. The Presence of Love is with you!

Remember – Activate Your Divinity with the holy breath of Love.

With love,

P.S. Curious about the Soul Star? Click this link for Archangel Gabriel to Activate Your Soul Star! It's Free.