Awakening Consciousness #6 Living Upward into Love

Galgaliel, the Angel of Vibration

Living Upward into Love


Beloved, we are here, always. Breathe. Relax. Trust.

The Portal is Open. You are experiencing the benefits of the Fifth Dimensional energy infusing your body, life, and world. You may notice it is getting easier to connect with Spirit. Your inner senses are expanding to see, hear, feel, and know more acutely and more accurately than before.

Bliss is becoming a natural inner state when you close your eyes and breathe. Floating in Eternal Peace is effortless.

And still, there is a gap between inner connection and outer life. If it was “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, it would be, “Aye, there’s the rub matie.”

Think of this Shelter in Place time as a gift from Spirit. That is the truth. Now is the time and the opportunity to interrupt old habits of daily living. That is all they are – habits. Why question your daily attitudes and actions when there is no need?

The need is very great. Every moment in this “Shelter in Place” opportunity is precious. Can you sense this truth?

Let go of your grip on “business as usual” or “life as usual”. Seize the day! Grab the brass ring! Question everything!

You are invited to PAUSE often during the day to connection. How would your day feel it at least once an hour, say at 11 minutes after, you PAUSE for THREE BREATHS? You could even play a moment of peaceful music during those breaths. Breathe into peace, bliss! Relax. Open. Commune with Divine Love in Oneness. You CAN do this. Even if you are working at home. Especially if you are working at home.

Set your phone to buzz every hour to remind you. Then, in the middle of whatever you are doing, Pause. Close your eyes. Breathe that complete breathe at least three times. Open your heart and energy field to instantly enter bliss. Breathe in bliss. Feel bliss flow through every cell of your body and expand out to fill your light bodies! Savor the moment.

Then Ask –

  • How can I perceive this moment from the mind of God?
  • What can I see about myself and my life this moment through the eyes of God?
  • What insight is available to me now?
  • For the next hour, how can I open to receive greater guidance from God?

Remember to open your heart to Divine Love. Be the radiant sun of Love for yourself, your family, and everyone you serve.

It is easy to fall into old ways of doing tasks. What if?

  • What if you could open and invite Spirit to Illuminate the task?
  • What if you could see the Light of Divine Love glowing softly IN what you are doing?
  • What if you could see the rays of love radiating outward to everyone who will benefit from this task?
  • What if you could feel their hearts light up in joy and see their eyes sparkle in appreciation?
  • What if you could harvest the Love Light flowing between you?

Try an experiment today

Set your phone to buzz each hour.


Feel the Illumination of the substance of the paper, laundry, dishes, computer keyboard and screen, steering wheel and road, people.

Feel the love in the air as you breathe.

See the strands of luminosity broadcasting outward.

Harvest the love and joy, all in the twinkle of an eye.

That is the effect of the Fifth Dimensional energy. It is personal, intimate love, compassion, joy, inspiration, cooperation, communion.

It is lofty and grounded, Heaven on Earth. It is real.

YOU – are bringing Heaven to Earth in the little moments as you practice living upward into your Eternal Self, your Christ Light! The Christ Light that unites us all in Divine Love and Peace.

Do it.

Be it.

Feel it.

It is accomplished!


With love,

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