Create Your Healing Space

Do you have a healing space?

You are invited to call Archangel Raphael and the healing angels into your home, your workspace, and your interactions in life so the angels can clear congestion of faulty thinking so physical health and good relationships can flourish.

So miracles of healing can manifest!

Miracles are possible!

It is possible to invoke miracles. Call for them often so they can manifest here on earth.

As you create your healing space, a few other angels would love to help you!

Israfel the Angel of Music is a powerful ally. Use music to create a vibration of peace and healing in your space. You know how calming it is to have soft, peaceful music playing in the background.

Iofiel the Angel of Beauty help us to transform an ordinary room into a place where we want to be. Beauty is a vibration and an energy source. A beautiful room creates a higher vibration.

Kaeylarae the Angel of Peace comes to help us let go of worry and anxiety. Kaeylarae helps us to enter that peaceful state where we can connect with the healing power of Raphael.

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With love and blessings,