Archangel Blessings Mist Kit The Complete Collection Large 60ml

Archangel Blessings Mist Kit The Complete Collection Large 60ml

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Silver Award Winner for Iconic Product
2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Award

Archangel Blessings Mist Kit is a sacred collection of 7 Archangel Essences in the large 60ml bottles.

The Archangel Blessings Kit is a profound healing and transformative tool intended to enhance angelic guidance, provide inspiration and healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Call in the 7 Archangels: Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael, Jophiel, Chamuel and Uriel by using their Archangel Blessing Mist.

Simply mist the Angel Blessings Spray above and in front of yourself and step under the falling mist. Make sure to gently shake the essence bottle to energize it before use. It activates the life fore of the essence and attunes you to it.

Each of the seven sprays are charged with the appropriate crystals and gemstones, homeopathy, color, sacred geometry, ancient symbology, and positive word vibrations that corresponds to each of the 7 Archangels.

Adding aroma completes the healing formulation.

This listing is for the complete set of 7 Angel Blessing Sprays currently available. It comes in a box, making it easy to store and access anytime you need an Angel Healing.

Our energy field is a hologram. The aura is a virtual template of our physical selves. The seven bands of the auric field reflect the seven chakras which are a reflection of our physical well-being. Because the hologram is multi-dimensional, the possibilities of the hologram theory applies to the multiple dimensions in which we exist. It applies to the layers beyond our three dimensions. The universe is a hologram and we are part of it, we live in it, and the universe lives in us.

Archangel Blessings offer a Spiritual Connection

The Archangel hologram initiates change in the direction of the fifth dimension. The entire individual gets an upgrade to higher consciousness through the principles of the Hologram. When our energy systems are coherent and our filters are clear and bright and our hearts are open, we are ready to receive the messages from the Archangels connecting us to our higher consciousness.

Made by Sound Essence.