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Archangel Blessings Mists won the 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Award
Silver for Iconic Product!

Need an energy lift? The Archangels have created Activation Pathways to Divine Love, Health, Abundance and more! A~HA! Archangel ~ Healing Activation workbook is the heart of this system. Use the workbook to discover which Archangel Activation you need. Then use the Archangel Blessings Mists to refresh the activation during your day and during meditation.

Angels, the magnificent Beings of light and color, reside in heaven and in our hologram. Like the cells in our body, the angels are part of us. Their light and color reflect into us, offering new vibration to all of our senses. Tuning into the vibration of angels offers the possibility of shifting consciousness into a new dimension which impacts our entire universe and our own vibration. 

(Sale does not apply to Whispering Herbs Healing Cards)

Click here to download your Free Archangel Protocol PDF of the Affirmations

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