"7" Soul Connection Spray
"7" Soul Connection Spray
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"7" Soul Connection Spray

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Flower Essence Energy "7" Soul Connections Spray 30ml (1 oz)

Are you ready to claim both your inner and outer authority?

"7" is the number of the Master Mystic, the Awakener of Spiritual Freedom, and the Empowerment of Soul Recognition. This energy integrates the mystical and material worlds to infuse your business, health, love and life with inspiring spiritual guidance coming from within your own heart and soul.

Master formulator Maggie Smith created this spray specifically for the workshop "7" Clearing the Path to Your SoulCalling. Flower essences are vibrational energy medicine that balance our emotional wellbeing and body-mind-health.

Each flower essence has a unique vibrational frequency that uniquely interacts with the mental and emotional bodies to restore balance, eliminating stress which can lead to illness and disease. The aspect of one's being that is in disharmony is drawn like a magnet to the healing frequency of the flower.

The flower essences selected by master formulator Rev. Maggie Smith for this spray call forth the qualities of "7" to liberate our spirit and help us to awaken.

Flower Essences:

  • Golden Amaranthas ~ "I move with the flow of life". Feeling a lack of ease or a general sense of frustration? This essence connects us with the part of self that "knows" we are protected and guided on the highest level. Giving permission to "let go and let God."
  • Hybrid Pink Fairy/ Cowslip Orchid ~ "The glow of the Inner Being". Are you on a roller coaster? This essence acts as a filter and inner strengthener to even out the ups and downs. For those psychically sensitive, it helps to calm, center and remember who you are, creating a rosy glow of inner tranquility.
  • Pink Fairy Orchid ~ "Carrying inner peace". This essence calms the inner core enabling you to carry your own peace and be more discerning in life. Releases stress and pressure. Assists in maintaining your own strength in all situations.
  • Shy Blue Orchid ~ "To Break Through." Feeling powerless? This essence focuses on spiritual energies that will consistently break up negative oppressive forces in the environment. This essence gives a sense of protection and dynamism where powerlessness perviously prevailed. This is a deep, internally inspiring and extremely subtle flower essence that is of great benefit to those dedicated to the Path of Light.
  • Yellow Cone Flower ~ "Recognition of Self." Need greater self esteem? This essence turns the perspective around to encourage a realization that the first and most important opinion is yours! From this comes personal objectives for growth and expansion built on positive self assessment rather than outside recognition. For those who have low self-esteem because they feel they are not valued by others.
Essential Oils:
  • Clary Sage ~ Revitalize, Clarity, Inspire Clary Sage calms tension, yet revitalizes fatigue. It strengthens and relaxes the mind and body. It is indicated for nervous anxiety, changeable moods, indecision and emotional confusion.
  • Rose Geranium ~ Security, Receptivity, Intimacy Geranium oil conveys a feeling of calm strength and security. It inspires imagination, intuition and sensory experiences while helping you redirect workaholic perfectionism.
  • Bergamot ~ Release, Relax, Uplift Bergamot is a cooling, refreshing anti-depressive. ITs gentle relaxing yet uplifting quality easily soothes our energy, encouraging the release of pent-up feelings, helping us to relax and let go.

Most powerful used with the "7" Clearing the Path to Your Soul Calling Workshop.